They think Amendment One will break us.
They think writing discrimination into the constitution will silence us.
They think making LGBTQI people second-class citizens makes us invisible.

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The radical, homophobic right tried to break our spirit, but the LGBTQI community in Charlotte and in North Carolina is stronger than ever before. We’re mad as hell, and we’re not taking it anymore, so the saying goes. Whether you’re feeling sadness, anger or frustration, it’s time to turn it into ACTION.

Together, we can speak out and stand up against bigotry. We can march, we can petition, we can lobby, we can educate and we can mobilize. Amendment On is not the end of this fight. LGBTQI people can be fired, kicked out of their homes and discriminated against in public services and accommodations.

Stay tuned for more updates from CRANE as we re-energize, re-mobilize and re-engage to bring voice in solidarity and action in pride to create full civil and social equality for Charlotte’s and North Carolina’s LGBTQI community. Sign up for our announcements-only Google Group via the subscription form to the right or click here to join.

We hope you’ll join us in creating a visible presence for our LGBTQI movement in Charlotte. And, in addition to our own upcoming actions, we hope you’ll take action today with the groups below. It doesn’t matter what you do or who you do it with… JUST GET INVOLVED!


Take action in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County by supporting and getting involved with:

LGBT Community Center



Take action in North Carolina by supporting and getting involved with:

Campaign for Southern Equality

Equality North Carolina


Take action nationally by supporting and getting involved with:

Get Equal

Human Rights Campaign

The Task Force